Perception by Steve Marker

Perception by Steve Marker

per·cep·tion noun \pər-ˈsep-shən\

: the way you think about or understand someone or something

: the ability to understand or notice something easily

: the way that you notice or understand something using one of your senses

(reference from Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

In the past, I have written in many paper journals – all of which are now destroyed. From time to time, I would write down the definition of a particular word – something that was placed into my mind. I would use the word and as I used it I would reflect back many times to what the word meant. Hence, I started writing down the definitions, so I would have a clear understanding of what the meaning was to others and what the meaning was for myself. Upon occasion I would come across a word which brought about more than just a word, it brought about sense of being for myself as an individual and as a society. Today, I have came in contact with a word I have used and believe many other have used frequently in our pasts and will again in our future.

Perception is a view or understanding of a situation – defined by Marker. Let’s revisit the prior paragraph and look at a word I used – “destroyed.” How did you perceive my expressions or terminology? It is a hearse word, but I believe it conveys a firm way of saying the journals are no longer with us. In all actuality, I burnt them cause the words written had a negative persuasion I no longer wanted to have in my life. My perception was jaded from the circumstances going on in my life at that time. I enjoy writing, it is powerful an outlet, I have embraced. However, I have not truly written from the heart in a while and for good reason. I was afraid. I was afraid, I could only write from a negative outlook.

Today, my “understanding of the situation” has changed. I have met a wonderful lady whom has helped me understand and deal with situations in my life. Rachel, my wife, is one of the most beautiful (inside and outside) persons I have every laid my eyes upon and I am blessing to have her in my life. Through Rachel, counseling with our dear friend Dr. Judy, and personally reflection – I perceive the world with a positive outlook.

I believe the way we see life and understand the situations build our next experiences. If we see and understand the happening of something in a negative manner, those only reinforce the negatives back into our lives. There is hope to change your perception to one which leads to positive experiences. Find the good in all things. Take the time to understand what you are feeling and thinking. And then learn to express yourself in a healthy manner. I take the time to feel and think and I am still learning to express myself in a way which feels good and is nondestructive to the ones I love. Today, my “perception” is my experiences – which are tools to teach me to love and seek out the goodness in all situations. I hope you have a positive perception on the situation you see before you and embrace the opportunity.

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