Letting Go by Rachel Marker

Letting Go by Rachel Marker

On the eve of a New Year – Steve & I sit in a home we recently sold, Steve has shared the the news with employers/clients that we will no longer be residing in the USA for awhile so that we may go out and explore the world, I on the other hand will continue to work by day while working at night feverishly to sell all, I repeat ALL, of our possessions that will not fit into a safe deposit box. (SIDE NOTE: Does anyone need anything? We have bikes, guitars, purses, clothes, kitchen stuff, a Ford Truck you name it. Call or email us if your interested. Everything must go. Sorry for the side note.)

Letting go on so many levels keeps popping into my mind. Letting go to see what is meant to be keeps popping in as well. What will our future look like? How long will we go before we want to come home or we find a new home we want to call home for awhile? Who knows? We certainly do not.

Letting go of what we know as “normal” is what we wanted and the day has arrived.

Will I be able to Let Go?

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