Let’s Start…….cue the music by Rachel Marker

Let’s Start…….cue the music by Rachel Marker

I feel like singing that song from The Sound of Music…..Let’s start at the very beginning…..a very good place to start……(you know the one, feel free to sing along)

But when you have never traveled the world with your worldly possessions on your back… that a REALLY good place to start?

Singing stopped…….for now. :- )

THE BEGINNING of identifying what on earth am I going to travel the world with is a really good place to start. What is it that I will carry in my 35L backpack that I feel is essential to life, as I know it today, and what I may think I may or may not need in the future, future that is completely new and unknown.

Will it be my Fuzzy Bootie Crocs that I love? Will it be a letter from someone very special to me? Photos? Is it a pair of sexy pj’s for when I’m not feeling very sexy after a long day on the road? Laptop & IPad? Scuba mask? a favorite piece of jewelry?

TRUTH IS…..I am not sure yet. YET is the key. I have piles of “stuff” that I have been pondering for a while now – and the only thing is I am sure of is that I am UNSURE.

The 30 day launch countdown has begun…..resume singing Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do………

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