Clearing’s by Rachel Marker

Clearing’s by Rachel Marker

Cleared house this weekend – we are officially Sans TV’s – did we really need 4 TV’s? lol Almost all of furniture that is not staying is gone. It feels like the days are not long enough to accomplish ALL that needs to be completed. Still, the excitement is keeping me up at night as opportunities keep presenting themselves in so many ways. Feeling like this decision was meant to be as everything seems to be falling into place.

Clearing clothes seems to be one task I am learning from – for the longest time I wore dark suits, conservative dresses and then I realized they were not reflective of “me” so I made a conscience decision many years ago to wear clothes that were bright and fun. Now I look at so many of those dresses and smile and it feels as if I am leaving a friend behind who has now grown up and heading off to the “University of Life” as not all of them will fit into by 46L backpack.

Clearing my thoughts is hard to do these days as everything seems to be moving in warp speed and I cannot catch up with everything I need to do or “think” I need to do before I leave. Its a race to the finish line and I am looking forward to crossing that line……February 4th here we come.

Clearing my heart of sadness by far the hardest no question, as I visit, talk and think about friends who I may not see for awhile it deeply saddens me AND it makes me appreciate the gift of friendship beyond words. My heart hurt this weekend often as everyone has been so supportive, giving and loving with cards, random acts of kindness and countless priceless actions to help us get along our way. A humbling experience. A Thank You does not seem to do it justice, please know that I am so grateful for the time we have shared together. You have given me peace beyond words.

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