A Borrowed Love Given Over by Steven Marker

A Borrowed Love Given Over

I have used the term “etched in my memory”. There are memories I will remember for the rest of my life. One of those chemical imprints is of “The Boys”. I miss the little furry guys running around here and wrapping themselves between my legs as I’m tasky.

What is the trigger for the moment? I was cleaning up a spider plant I got from my great grand mother. I was taking off the old leaves, repositioning for optimal sunlight, and just enjoying a living gift I have carried with me for decades. I have never professed to have some secret powers or green thumb, but plants have also flourished around me. I would like to believe I have an energy and appreciation for life.

Stanley and Truman gave that same energy back to me but amplified. I knew I would miss their gentle-loving presence. I knew when we made the decision to embark on our journey, I would have days of missing my favorite feline friends. I knew there would be times of a sense of loss. As I have lived this life bestowed upon me from a higher power. I have come to believe, our experiences happen for a reason.

I am overwhelmed by the short time I was permitted to love “The Boys” and what an impact they made on me. I loved my borrowed time. I truly believe people, places, ideas, objects and animals touch our lives when we need them. I needed them in my life, to let me know I deserved love and can allow myself to be loved. I think we have all been in situations where our inner core has been shaken to the limits of our soul. My new life has been rebuilt and most days I feel like “The Six Million Dollar Man” on the inside.

The time has come to pass the beloved blessed boys to a familiar father figure to them. My heart tells me I have been shown the power of love and I have the understanding of the gift. This understanding is still not eased, at the moment, by the emotions I feel. However, I am uplifted to know their love will continue to bring brightness and cheer into the lives of more people. A special thanks to our friend for giving “The Boys” a wonderful home. My friend, may your days be as blessed as our days have been while caring for the kiddos.

To “The Boys”, know I will hold you guys again in my arms and will welcome a little pink paw on my face. Thank you for touching my spirit and etching yourselves into my memories.

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