Sorry London – Edinburgh Is Calling Us Next

Sorry London – Edinburgh Is Calling Us Next

New Development – It has been raining non stop since we arrived in Portugal, worst rains in all of Europe in over 250 Years, (hence no photos yet) flooding everywhere.

Well, we suppose to have gone from our housesitting opportunity in Portugal to London on holiday then to France for our next housesitting opportunity and fortunately/unfortunately our attempt to book in London proved to be far more expensive then budgeted so friends suggested Edinburgh Scotland and we looked & booked within hours and the price was considerably less.   So Edinburgh here we come from March 17th – April 1st.

We look forward to the countless beverages you have in store for us.  London – we will be back, just not yet.  :-)  Suggestions always welcomed to those who have been to Edinburgh for “Must See” opportunities.

Cheers till our next update ! !

Big Wet Hugs,


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