First Traveling Haircut

Each day we face challenges.  Today, Rachel conquered a challenge.  I am grateful to still be alive to type these words.  Why you ask – because I was part of “a new experience”.  Please find it in yourselves to be sitting down or brace yourself for the “after photos” of my first haircut, by Jose Rachel.

Approximately a week before we left for our trip, I needed a haircut.  I had bought a nice small compact/travel trimmer,  the “peanut” as it was called by Sally Beauty Supply, because it was small and might.  I tested out my “manscaping skills” and yes it did a great job…the first time.  Last week, while in Portugal, I plugged in the trimmer into the surge protected outlet and all I got was a black finger as the “Peanut – blew a nut”

We still own & use that surge protector, which has had a camera, iPhones, iPad and Macs all plugged in safe and sound.  However, our little peanut got roasted.  What to do?  I say “best two of three” so last night, we went out to the Portuguese store and bought another trimmer.  This baby definitely did the job and may I say in some places – too good of a job.


Again, brace yourself……..




  1. Toooooo funny! Jose Rachel was just getting you ready for summer! Love it!

    BTW – the pictures wouldn’t “open” when we clicked on them to make them bigger. We get an error box that says “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.”

    • Oh yeah – summer right LOL She was doing a bang up job then she just wanted to try a “guard free” touch-ups. My beautiful Rachel got just a little too close and we had to adjust the hair line.

      Thanks for the BTW – I worked on those picture for a while and finally said – “Maybe later” 😀

  2. Wow, and I thought MY backside got trimmed close the last time I got a haircut! :-)

  3. Too funny! Who is going to cut Rachel’s hair? Saw a show this week in the beautiful tiles of Portugal. WOW!

    • I’m not sure who is going to cut Rae’s hair. I can tell you this much – it won’t be me cutting it. Could you just image my little baby with a trimmer spot on the back or side of her head. LOL

      As we are getting adjusted to our new lifestyle, we have seen some beautiful homes with tile work all over them. I was going through some of the pictures we have taken this morning. I have to say – I need some photography practice. I am not capturing what I am seeing. As I work on my picture taking skills, we will share the sites. 😀

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