Bar Bites Along the Walk

Bar Bites Along the Walk


Yesterday’s adventure to the Old City, Calton Hill (some classic architectural monuments), Old Calton Cemetery and the Royal Mile was a wonderful walk in the city.  Here is just one of the places we partook of the flavors in Edinburgh.

Monteiths bar & restaurant was a perfect spot to shake off the chill of the foggy afternoon and enjoy some tasty treats.  A small groove covered the path down an alley or close as they are called in Edinburgh leading to this wonderful place.

Cream Stout

Cream Stout

We indulged in some spirits, a strawberry puree drink called a “Ketel Skittles” and a few March of the Penguins smooth creamy stouts.  Both delightful drinks while cold and refreshing brought warmth to our bodies.

The experience would not have been complete without having some dishes to fill the bellies.  Fish fingers and tartar, homemade chips, and baked cheese and croutons hit the nail on the head.  The fish was more like eating a boneless filet.  The chips hot and tender through and through.  And the croutons and cheese was like dipping a neat little piece of toast into a pool of cheese that would match anything in front of you.

One of the monuments at the top of Calton Hill

One of the monuments at the top of Calton Hill

We had a great day and walk around the city and look forward to sharing more of what we saw.

  1. All of your travels look so wonderful. I am so envious and wish I could join you on your journey. Keep posting as is so enjoy reading about your adventure. Love ya! DS

    • Hey Donna,

      Super glad you’re liking the posts. We are having a blast as we journey. We are still learning as we go, but having fun while we are doing it. Fun and happiness are number one on the list of things we want. And don’t worry, we will keep the posts coming as we make our way from one place to the next.

      Big Strong Hugs,

  2. Very nice, we really want to visit Scotland. BTW, love your story too. We sold everything and took off five years ago, very freeing. A little different for us because we had finished raising our kids and wanted to take an indefinite break. Looks like it might have become permanent.

    • Well hello there David and Veronica,

      Thank you for the comment. Wow five years – very impressive – we are leaving our adventures open as you two have by using little personal milestones like 1,3 and 5 yrs. You are correct about selling everything being freeing. We found is easy to shed off 80-85% of our belongings, it was the last remaining possessions which were the hardest to part with as we started our journey.

      Scotland is and was a wonderful place to hang our hats for a few weeks. We want to go back and explore different places like the Isle of Skye and some of the Lochs. We would definitely recommend a visit during your break.

      Truly wish you fun times and happiness during your travels. We would invite the opportunity to share a good glass of wine and break some bread together if given the chance and if our paths ever cross.

      The Markers

  3. Fascinating blog, guys! Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter! Keep up the great work and travel safe!

    • Thank you for reaching out much appreciated. Enjoyed visiting your site – great information and looking forward to your future posts!! Safe travels to y’all as well!! 😀

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