Leaving Scotland – Springing into France

Leaving Scotland – Springing into France

Our 18 days in Edinburgh have flown by and it is so hard to believe that we are leaving this wonderful country.  We have thoroughly loved Edinburgh and are looking forward to many returns back to see the Isle of Skye, Sterling, the beaches and so many other destinations.  The people & food have been wonderful and inviting.

We head off in the morning to Saint Chamarand France aka the South of France to housesit for a love set of family gites.  I have been diligently practicing my French and hope to not offend too many French along the way.  Watch out food, cheese, wine and springtime flowers – I am anticipating a long lasting relationship with you.
Slainte !  Bonjour !
  1. Travel safe look forward to your new adventure :)))

    • We have arrived all safe and sound in France. The couple we are house sitting for are a lovely couple and their furry family members are great. After we are all set in, we will post more of our travels and our french adventures. 😀

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