French Afternoon in Domme, France

French Selfies

French Selfies

After morning Grand Café and good conversation with the Saturday group, we were inspired to venture out to places of travel topics.

The one place that truly stood out was Domme, France.  We had to see this site for ourselves.  Into the Land Rover and down the road we went without any sense of direction other than “I think it is this way”.  We quickly saw road signs along the way pointing us in the correct direction we were seeking to go.

As we approached what we thought was the community of Domme, which was Cénac, the signs continued to lead us a different way.  Up and around the side of a mountain with tree-covered roads and tight twisting turns we reached Domme.

Out of Lany and onto the cobble stone streets of the small and quaint city.  A posted sign showed viewpoints, which made my insides rise with excitement.  We figured if a place posts such a sign to show people where to go, then it has something worth showing.

Posted City Sign

Posted City Sign

Our short walk by shops selling local merchandise and foods brought us to these astonishing views.  This naturally fortified city overlooking the Dordogne River definitely can make a person pause to caught their breath.

After enjoying the beauty of the countryside and watching the land look alive with cars on distance roads and a tractor plowing a field, we gathered our senses and off we went to find our way back to Les Mazettes.

France’s countryside is full of whining roads, green pastures and lazy day lakes.  We are looking forward to jumping into more French lifestyle while here on our journey.  Tomorrow we have arranged to meet with a tutor to help us immerse ourselves deeper into the rich and flavorful culture this land has to offer.

Lazy Lake

Lazy Lake


  1. So Beautiful! Looks so peaceful, I assume neither one of you speak French how do you communicate with locals, read road maps, ect. I can understand some Spanish but that’s the extent of my language skills. I wish schools here would have started languages early when I was young! How much longer will you be in France and what’s your next step? Your in my prayers and thoughts every day and always excited to read your posts!

    • Good day Lin,

      France has been very peaceful and relaxing. As for the communication part, hmmm well there is a language barrier we have experienced, but we knew that coming into our travels. Neither of us know French and we are limited on our Spanish as well. We are meeting with a conversationalist French teacher today to help us understand and communicate while we are here this time and knowing we will be returning on Bastille day in July of this year. We came across several people in Portugal which spoke French, so we have to decided learning the language might be useful. I took three years of Latin in high school – not too useful at the moment – lol.

      Our next steps are into Malaysia to the city called Penang. We will be going from the quit countryside of France into the excitement and hustle and bustle of a city. We are both thrilled to be going to Asia. Once again, neither know the native tongue but know we will survive. Penang gives us the time to find a great scuba center to complete our instructor certifications perhaps the beginning of next year. So many things we want to do and now we have the time to explore the possibilities.

      Thank you for the prayers and good thoughts!! Our journey has been blessed and we have the faith we will continue to have blessing as we travel and learn of new places. We will continue to share so stay tuned to your favorite “Bat or Marker” channel.


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