Rock Me Rocamadour


Rocamadour, France is an ancient town built into and onto a cliff side.  The town wraps around the hillside of the Midi-Pyrenees Region.   A person can glance upon the beauties of the town from L’Hospitalet, where both the Chateau and Sanctuaries can be seen from this viewpoint.

Rachel and I walked down the winding path, stopping from time to time to get a picture perfect view of what the residents of Rocamadour see daily.  As we approached the access point to the Chateau and given the choice to go either up or down, we continued to walk down into the community.  The community has lots of stairs, cobble stone walkways and places to shop and fulfill a famished body.

We did do a little shopping and purchasing while out on our day trip.  A little chocolate shop was offering free samples – perfect bait to draw us into taste some of the sweet treats of France.  The chocolates were delicious and had many ranges of flavors to tempt the most sensitive pallets.  They had candies that appeared to look like small loaves of bread but in reality tasted like the inside of a malt ball – can you say WOW.  There were slabs of chocolates with blended fruits, gelatin chocolates, spreads, and covered nuts.  The thought “death by chocolate” came to mind as we made our purchase and walked to the doorway with chocolate-overloaded senses.

To recover from our chocolate haze, we gandered into a restaurant for a refreshment.  While we drank our beverages, we took in the sounds of the birds above, the breeze in the sunlight and the scenery.  We practiced our French with le serveur and talked amongst ourselves about what we were seeing on this wonderful spring day.


Overall, the trip to Rocamadour was a splendid experience.  The weather, the town and the company made the day seem like a dream while dreaming.

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  1. Lucky you!

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