OMG The Hawker Street Food is AWESOME – Check Out the Tastes of Penang

Pulau Tikus Market

Penang Street Food12

This is the view as you walk up to the “Hawker Carts” (Street Food) in Pulau Tikus Market.  The cars are lined up and double parked, people swarm around the carts and fill the little steel tables, and the atmosphere is bubbling over with exotic smells.



These little round balls of yumminess are light and squishy and filled with different ingredients like cheese, pork, or octopus. Then covered with a sweet soy sauce and mayonnaise and fishy flakes. We ate them with small skewers. These were the appetizers to more delicious delights!!


“Char Koay Teow”

One of the must foods of the Hawkers – Char Koay Teow.  This dish is made with noodles, shrimp, bean sprouts, egg, oysters, chicken and love.  Sin Wah has quite the fame.  He is a wonderful man, that is working hard to keep up with the demand of his noodles.  We sat with another couple who have been eating from his cart of 25+ years – that is a true testimony of the great tastes.  And some lemon tea, which is tart to start but it grows on ya, sounds of around the country, and some laughter and you have an evening filled with full bellies and great memories.

The View

Here is the view from the tables.  The left side picture has the gentlemen that has been coming to eat the food for years.  He and his wife, also helped to explain the different teas or beverages people were drinking as we waited on our Char Koay Teow to be brought to the table.

Penang Street Food13

And of course the evening would not be complete without dessert “Two Hot Dogs”!!!  The temperatures and humidity can be a bit high even for the natives.  Here we saw two dogs, at first we thought they might be dead, but then watched their breathing to make sure.  We walked by them on our way and then back again, they didn’t move for anything.  Heat is gonna getcha – well it got them  😀

  1. Good morning!!! Your pictures are wonderful!!!! The food also sounds very good. HOT DOGS!!!! You mean you ate the dogs on the side walk OR real HOT DOGS!!! LOL!!!! LOL!!!

    It sounds so exciting: food, smells and people. How grand!!!!

    I love you both very much!!! Thanks for the insight to your adventures!!! Your one and only!!!!

    • We left the “hot dogs” – you never know those dogs might give you some digestive problems LOL

      Love you my one and only momma!!!

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