Penang Hill, Farlim Night Market and Kek Lok Si Temple

As we adventure from place to place and see the sights of the land – there are some activities that can’t be described with words and pictures.  We are finding more and more foods with tastes and smells that you can only experience in person.  So if you have the chance to visit Penang, there are a few items you need to add to your list as you make your way around the island.


Kek Lok Si Temple is a cultural experience for sure, it combines Burmese, Thai and Chinese temples into one location.  There are places to see the city of Georgetown below, large rooms for prayer and meditation, and statues of golden figures.  The architectural design, art work, and colors are truly beautiful.

The dragon statues have always intrigued me.  This part of the temple is still being created, finished, and worshipped.  The colors of reds, blues, and golds are brilliant and bold.  The golden warrior shows power and protection to the larger standing Buda.


Night Market

Come hungry and leave full from over hundreds of dishes – fried, fresh and stirred.  Above we are sampling Jackfruit.  Rachel was just a little apprehensive to eat it but after tasting it – it was a winner.  Jackfruit has a light taste and nice texture, it’s like crossing a mango and banana.

Crepe Time!!!  The cook had five burners going and had a long wait for these delicious delights.  A person could get just about anything you where craving – fresh tuna, chocolate and banana or seaweed, we had the chocolate and banana crepe.  I dove into this like a famished beast from the jungle!!

It may stink like garbage, but it tastes like heaven – DURIAN – “The King of Fruits” You can see the spiky fruit to the left. June and July are the months durian is ripe and ready to eat. If you can get past the smell – something along the lines of roadkill – the taste is truly worth the adventure of eating this exotic fruit!! 😀

Doc Mike and myself eating the King of Fruits – thanks Mike for being curious, courageous and encouraging with your adventurous spirit!!

penanggrpSpecial thanks to Michael and Tracy for planning a great day around Penang, trying some new and great foods and sharing their traveling stories with us.

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  1. Y’all look wonderful having so much fun! We have an invite to go to the uk I was just thinking maybe next fall then our A/C went and had to be replaced grrr. Well for now looking forward to seeing Jen and Ethan the end of this month. We plan on going to Hawkers, Jen and Ethan swear by it! I have been looking on line about these small homes 325 sq feet for $20,000. The one I saw the lady said her lot fee was only $125 a month. They stated it was a big downsize but it’s not about what you don’t have but what you do! Would love to talk Tony into it when market gets better. I am tired of a money pit home :)))) I guess it won’t be long till you are back in Europe

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