Thai Island Hopping

Sailing between a few of the islands of Thailand was never on the bucket list.  The option to explore new and exciting things and go sailing was definitely on the list, so how perfect was this little trip.  Here are a few pictures along the way.


The experience was great.  It was also an eye opener.  Rachel and I have talked about getting a sail boat, becoming scuba instructors and providing our services as we sail from place to place.  Being on a sailboat is not all fancy tropical drinks, suntan oil, and perfect sunsets.  There are some rough water conditions, unique showering positions, and changes in how you eat, drink and sleep.  With that said – I want to go again!!  😀


We are getting ready to embark on another Intrepid trip which takes us from Thailand into Cambodia and finishes in Vietnam.  We might be on and off the radar for the next few weeks, but we will post as frequently and often as we can to share the experience.

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