Bonding Without Bias

Bonding Without Bias

angkor wat

As we travel from place to place, I am finding age, nationality, gender and believes really don’t matter. Personally, I wanted to find and understand the differences between people from different cultures and backgrounds. What I am finding is the majority of people know good and bad, feel pleasure and pain and have desires. The desires I started out seeking for were to find the goodness in people, to feel safe and find happiness. In my opinion, all the people I have came across are good, look for safety and want to be happy. I was naive to the common desires we as human beings all search for in life. Reading a post on social media, talking with an inspirational person, trying new experiences is only the edge of what I am finding to be the essences of my life and how others interact with my being.


The dynamics of a group of people which have only known each other for a week period of time and maybe longer are part of my personal journey. I have seen people come together as one union over an evening of drinks and sashimi. I have seen the development of friendships which I believe to the core of my spirit will last for the rest of my life. I feel the goodness from those persons and it comforts my soul to know we as a human race do have the power to love each other and to work for the betterment of those around us.


I am learning we each have fears and for the most part those fears are just as common as the joys in our lives. We also have the power to make the choices to alter the outcomes of our lives. I am being set free from the bondage of “normal” society by letting go of my fears. I used to worry about what others thought of me and how my actions would effect their life – my own personal butterfly effect. In doing so I was scared of being or not being liked by others. However, in my newly found freedom I am starting to open up to in my travels, I am seeing that overcoming fears and standing up for my feelings and thoughts are actually given strength to others. I am being empowered while empowering others to fulfill their dreams. For the ones whom don’t embrace the same feelings and thoughts, I think our paths have crossed for a reason and that reason may be for them more than for me. But it makes me think of where I was in the past and how I am glad I am where I am now. I hope I will only continue to grow as an individual and learn more about myself and others. I am grateful for this time in my life. I am thankful I have a wonderful partner that appreciates my personal journey and how it plays a part in our overall journey together as a married couple.


Thinking culture was going to open my own eyes is a little myth I told myself at the beginning of our travels. I have changed from some of the culture I have seen. Part of my changes have not really been in a positive manner. I am finding people will take advantage at any and every opportunity. Learning and finding the strength to stand up for your personal protection is more apparent in different countries. A lack of the knowing the language subjects an individual to paying higher prices, lack of service and disrespect. On the flip side, I have experienced people trying to help beyond my believe and the feeling of joy and closeness to those strangers is fuller and better than I could have imagined. But the question still arises where did all of these people get their influence on life and their prospective? Is goodness passed down from generation to generation or do the individual persons find it through their own personal journey.


My education through studies have not prepared me for the learning experiences I am having on the road and for this I am pleased to say I am traveling and learning. I hope what I am learning will become future wisdom. I hope I can help others by passing the torch of knowledge in years to come. Thank each of you who have become friends, helped us along the way and have been a blessed in our lives.

  1. Well said my friends! The honour has been ours to have become your friends. See you in south America, love

    • And thank you for being our friends as well – it has been a pleasure. I can’t wait for our future travel destinations and the experiences we will share together. Big hugs and Kisses

      Love R&S

  2. Good morning!!! Had a chance this a.m. to see pictures that one of your friends put on facebook.
    The children look sweet!!! They do not have a lot of material things but they have what they need. So perhaps they will stay sweet longer than they do in other parts of the world.

    Glad all is well. Look forward to hearing from you, when possible!!!

    Love you both very much!!!! M

    • Good Morning Moma xoxox

      The children in Cambodia were innocent in their own way. After traveling through their country, I am privileged to be an American. My eyes have been opened to the lifestyles of other countries. I am still learning from my experiences and trying to keep an open mind to what I have seen. Traveling and being around other groups of liked minded individuals is allowing my perspective to become broaden and more accepting to my personal unknowns. It’s through these experiences and friendships I believe I am definitely growing as a person and for this I am grateful. 😀

      Love you very much too my great and wonderful mom xoxoxo

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