Climbing The Great Wall of China by Rachel


Nearly 22 years ago, I was a quadriplegic that recovered fully from an illness and with the exception of being a slow walker and slower than normal stamina, you would never know that I had to learn to walk again.  TODAY, July 5th, 2014, in Beijing China, I started a climb that I was not sure I would complete.  With the loving encouragement of my husband Steve and countless sweet chinese children along the way who allowed me to use the hand rail at times.  I MADE IT to the top of one of the “7 Wonders of the World”.  The TOP, and the complete END of this one particular (not as often climbed) section.  It took many hours to go up and about half to go down.

I dedicate this post to the men and women, past, present & future that live within our bodies in ways others may not understand and to everyone who have supported and encouraged them in the past, present & future.

I am humbled today and very much appreciative of the gift of life.

Big Hugs & Lots of Love,


ps.  More photos to follow of our the journey itself – now for some much needed sleep.

  1. Bob and I are so very proud to have you in our lives. You inspire us. We are so happy to watch you follow your dreams and even happier that you have Steve to accompany you on this life journey. We send a big hug and love you always. Enjoy this life. Jackie

    • You BOTH inspire me. Your love and dedication to each other and your desire to LIVE is amazing and something I aspire too. Bob your such a determined man and Jackie your the amazing caregiver with so much hope and optimism. I am proud to call you family and look forward to seeing you again and sharing BOTH of our journeys of sacrifice and courage. I LOVE YOU ! ! Big Hugs R xxoo

  2. You left me in tears! It is so hard for the able bodied to understand how limited the world is without mobility! You walked the Great Wall of China with me on your back! Thank you! Love and hugs!

    • Hi there Lin – Thank you for your comments – this has been a big part of my life that I have tried to downplay as I did not want others to view me as “weak”. Living with a physical challenge is hard. Having the support of others makes it easier and sharing my story, while scary, is helping me overcome some preconceived notions I have about limitations, or lack of. Big Hugs & Lots of Love to you. xxoo R

  3. What an accomplishment!! You should be so proud of yourself, and your amazing feat! Hugs to you, friend!!

    • Hi there Shanna – I so owe you an email – thank you for always having a kind word I think of you often and miss you my friend. Big Hugs R

  4. What an incredible journey you are on! How great to have been to one of the 7 Wonders of the World and be able to view what few will ever see. We love to hear all about your adventures. Keep them coming. I hope you are taking millions of pictures.

    Love and miss you. Christine

  5. Rachel, I am so proud of you!!!! I do not know how you did it!!!
    stay safe and take care. Do not over due!!! Love, Kathy

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