Rainy Days and Happy Birthdays in Paris


Ding-dong ding-dong – it startles me for a brief moment – I forgot about bells.  There is something about the sound of bells that creates a sense of excitement in my soul.  I’m not used to hearing bells and it lets me know I’m not in Texas anymore.


Yesterday, we walked some of the streets in Paris.  Of course, we visited the typical places we see upon arrival to a city – the pharmacy, bakery, fresh fruit and veggie stands and checked out the local pubs.


Paris feels good right down to the bone.  The city’s life force shares its existence and allows you breathe in the same air of those who have lived and died within the imaginary boundaries of this city.  A feeling of peace blanketed us as we walked around and made our way back to the flat.


We unpacked our spoils of adventure and started to nibble on some choose meats and treats.  It seems to be too far back, even though it has only been a few months, that we have tasted meat so delicious.  It was the wine that truly danced across our taste buds and whispered the sweet memories of our past travels.


The setting for our perfect evening was presented before us.  We opened the “French door” in the living room and kitchen, grabbed two chairs and shared a bottle of wine.  The doors open up to a small balcony, just enough to place the chairs and lend our heads over the edge to watch.  And we watched the street and people and happenings with enough contentment to pacify a finking feline for hours.


We saw couples walking and talking, cars double parking and pulling out supplies, people meeting with their kissy-kissy greetings and families reading the menu of local restaurants.


I looked over and I saw the face of my bride.  She had her cheek resting on the balcony framework with a twinkle of delight in my eyes.  She smiled at me and I knew she was as right as rain at that moment.


Tomorrow marks a day in history, a day the world would get to meet one of the greatest persons of all times.  I am blessed to be married to and share in the life of Rachel – Happy Birthday my best friend, my travel companion, my lover, my life coach, and my beloved wife.  May your day be filled with blessings and the knowledge that you are loved so dearly.

  1. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday my best friend RACHEL, Happy Birthday to you!! Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing day. Eat, Drink and be Merry. Love and miss you. Christine

    • Hellllooooo Christine – for some reason I just saw this post. THANK YOU MY Bestie for your sweet birthday wishes. Please send me a note and lets try to Skype this week if your available. Love & Miss You. R

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