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Well, we have been traveling fast and furious for the past month plus. There have been times we have found getting on the internet to be a challenge. Some places we have stayed it’s only been over night and we need to grab another train in the morning. Other places have limited access to getting online connections. As we run around Europe, visiting friends, snapping pictures of historical places, getting “our culture on” so to say – we have let the website go idle. So if you have come by to check out where we have been and going, you might have seen a few things not quite right, ie images or posts. We are glad to say, after working on updating, checking connections between host sites, product sites and our site, we seem to be up and running at full speed. 😀

We have lots of pictures and when we say lots – we mean thousands to play around with and out of those most likely a small percentage will see their way to the site. But that’s ok with us, cause not every meal, glass of beer, cathedral and planted flower needs to be posted.

The places we have been and plan on going. Hmmm this could be a post all on it’s own and rightfully so we will give the places their place on our blog of fame. If you monitor our Facebook, you might have seen some of the places and activities. If not, well let’s see……. We have been to back to France for a celebration. Rode a ferry to the Mediterranean island of Ischia in Italy, where I swung from tree to tree. We stand in the Coliseum of Rome. Went to Pisa and leaned with the tower. Visited central Italy for a cooking class. Jumped on an overnight train up to Munich – a lot of beer pictures. Chilled out in Luxembourg for an afternoon. Revisited Belgium and more cities within its borders and made some new friends. Hopped on another train to Berlin, where we have been watching a puppy and kitty and resting.

In a few days, we will off again to see more places in Europe. Where might we be going? Super question! Plans are to see Prague. Where we want to make a few day trips to see other parts of Czech and venture into Poland. Then we will be spending some time in Budapest. We keep hearing such wonderful things about this city, so off we go to see for ourselves. From Budapest, we hope to branch out to a few more cities within Hungary and even jump across a border or two to see more new places. What’s next after that time, well we are talking about seeing parts of Croatia, Greece, and finishing our EuroRail Pass up, down in Turkey.

SAMSUNG CSC After our train passes run out, we are thinking about hitting another continent. When was the last time you saw the Pyramids? We can tell you – for us not yet but hopefully coming soon. So we want to spend just a few weeks in Africa. We are planning on taking in more sites and even scuba diving in the Red Sea – how excited are we – 😀

So it looks like we are up to date on software for the website, hopefully for a bit. And as we hit places and see new sites for us, we will share – when we have a moment away from eating great foods, intaking some of the local beverages, visiting with new and old friends, viewing the world through a camera lense and solving global dilemmas.

Until next time – Happy and Safe Travels from the Markers xoxo

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  1. So glad to hear from you! I saw an island of Croatia on house hunters it was amazing! Sounds all beyond amazing! One of my big dreams has been to see Israel sounds like you may be heading that way :)))) I have been busy working on Found out my southern grandmother goes back to all the kings and queens of Europe. Then both her parents go directly back to Cyrid Queen of Sweden 1002 then directly to 325 B.C. Greece. Makes all the history of Europe more personal:))) I think of you daily and pray you are safe and having the time of your life. If you want me to find your ancestors let me know. Hugs

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