Self Wanderlust

There are so many things I want to see in this world. I truly have an over expression of the wanderlust genetic code within my DNA. There are days when all I want to do is see and experience what’s around the next corner. As we travel, Rachel and I are seeing so many places and lots of new things. We are seeing art, landscapes, people, hearing different languages, tasting foods, experience cities through public transportation and the list goes on as we venture from place to place.

The lifestyle we have chosen is a blessing in so many ways. We are seeing through our eyes and processing with our imaginations, thoughts and hearts. Here is where I want to speak directly from my being. And I hope I can express something in these words which will give you a feeling of what this journey has been for me up to this point.

I started out looking for culture without knowing what culture meant. I wanted to learn about the different beliefs in the world to help me understand where I was and am on a spiritual level. I truly wanted to take my education and use it outside of it limits to interpret the world around me. I walked into the unknown with a handful of skills that I thought I could make sense of the world both internally and externally.

What I have found is I still do not understand culture and so all I can do is try to be an observer and gather more information to some day be able to put my hands around the idea. I see so many more parts going into the soup of culture. The way someone was brought up, their religious beliefs, the jobs they perform, the foods they eat and what is valuable in the eye of the beholder. I see so many similarities across all the social boundaries in this world. Yet, I am still baffled at the boundaries and some of the limitations and how those affect culture.

My mind wonders uncontrollably from thought to thought throughout the day sometimes. I’m working on that with trying to understand some of the ideas of quantum physics and how our thoughts guide us. I do believe if you think about something, develop a line of thoughts and dwell on those thoughts they can become a belief and ultimately present themselves as a reality.

A simple way to explain is – I’m hungry, hmmm I want a sandwich. What do I have to make a sandwich? Bread, cheese, my favorite condiment, meat, oh yes lettuce, tomato and some pickles. You get up from the sofa, walk into the kitchen and start making that sandwich you imagined and take a bite from your creation. Then you realize, you just ate a little bit ago and that the food network is playing on the TV. You just bought into the simplest line of thoughts put into you by the outside world. I’m trying to understand myself, my thoughts, how I can process the inputs coming from me in different countries, languages and cultural experiences while not offending myself and others.

I am going through a reprogramming phase which I didn’t expect and crossing internal boundaries I shut the doors on decades again and some not even that long ago. I have cultural influences in my life, like we all do. Some of my influences fire off sparks when I cross them. This is my internal programming and I believe is what is allowing me to change my life for years to come. I get angry, upset, have moments of self-loathing just to mention a few of the mental sparks that go off when I cross my wires. However, through time, understanding of myself and from Rachel, and trying to educate myself, I am making that “sandwich” in my life I am excited to eat one of these days.

So while there have been moments of silence (specifically our blog) in our world, I am doing some reprogramming, rebuilding and self discovery. I am happy to say, our lifestyle is allowing for global travel, self wanderlust, inner resolution, personal healing and discovery for me. I am grateful to have this gift of love from my best friend and wife. Thanks Rae for holding my hand when I need you to and seeing this world in our own way.

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