Our Short Housesitting Video – Tuesday Toe-Tapper – turn volume up. :-)

This is a short video we share with potential house sitting clients of some of our past pets & properties.   It is our first TravelingMileMarkers Production – hope you enjoy. :-)

  1. LOVE IT!! You guys seem to have the world by the tail. 😉
    Miss you!

  2. Hi there Shanna

    Thanks for commenting – :-) We have had a few furry tails for sure. :-)

    Miss you too.

    Big Budapest Hugs

  3. What a fun video. Loved seeing Rufus, Mint and the Landy

    • And the house too. Everyone is a star. :-) Big Budapest Hugs to you. Miss you. R

    • Hey you two wonderful people,

      We had to put footage of Ruf and Mint on there cause they are just so sweet. I was looking through pictures and little videos of them and saw them together and looking side to side – too awesome not to include.

      Oh the Landy – one of the funnest vehicles I have ever driven. Add some beautiful French countryside and you have greatness.

      So happy you loved seeing them and glad to be a part of their and your lives!!!


  4. Great to see our 2 pets on here, and a glimpse of the Landy, well the CB ariel lol

    • They are superstars in our book ! ! Miss you ALL & our friends in Gourdon. xxoo R

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