Nature, Scotland and Peace

My biggest challenge to date is to find peace in my being. I have taken more time to reflect on my life; the accomplishments, the relationships, the failures, my way of thinking, what it all means and have I made a positive impact on others while alive and traveling. During my inner searching and discovering, I have found peace with nature. I feel more in touch with the earth than ever before in my life

When I was younger, I would walk down to the creek. I found the peacefulness that Mother Nature could offer. Over the years, I have ventured back to the calming solitude of nature and found peace.

Two countries stand out during our travels that truly restore my inner person – France and Scotland. So I want to share with you; my dog walks, the beauty of Scotland, the hilltop nature reservoir only a few blocks from our house sit and peace I am finding from this blue planet.

Autumn has taken over the foliage in Scotland and we have been fortunate to see some of the changing of the seasons. It has been such a long time since I have been able to witness the magnificent seasonal changing of the guard. I know the cold winds will soon be nipping away at my exposed body tissue. But for now I am excited to walk through the woods and be blessed with the colors of this world.

The two kuddly kanines we are caring for over the next several weeks are outstanding. Both run and play but are close enough I can have a seasonal sensory overload – greatness.

Of course, Scotland wouldn’t be the land of golf without a course along the way. The grass is so green it’s almost unbelievable. The nature reservoir is right next to a course. You can have some great moments just sitting on a bench and waiting for the golfers to go by. I even saw a man with a club hitting a ball around in the park the other day and having his dog fetch the golfball. I thought to myself – “wow what a great idea”, then I realized I was in Scotland – I chuckled a tad bit inside.

Our walks have brought us to different areas of this reservoir. Today, we ventured off our normal route to go to the tower. As I made my way up the inclined hillside, I had to wonder what the tower looked like. Once I reached the first clearing and took in the surrounds, I saw it. The tower was perfectly placed at the highest spot and was blanketed by the trees around it. A set of earthly chairs led to the top to reveal even more medieval masterpieces.

I spent some time wandering around the tower. I stopped occasionally to touch an old tree stump, run my fingers over the rocks and listen to the breeze blowing through the remaining leaves on the trees. I could feel myself becoming one with the world and taking in the peace and serenity from the powers of the universe.

As the dogs and I gathered ourselves, we walked into another area. Honestly, I felt like I was in a fairy tale scene. A story ran through my head and I wanted to just lean up against a tree and watch it play out as I sat there in this wooded wonderland. One of these days, I might just sit back, have a bit to eat and let my brain play out the tale.

There are sign posts located throughout the park. My favorite is “Rest & Be Thankful”. It’s a place you can sit and watch the golf course. Today, the “Tower” and the wooded wonderland and the sign marker where all too fitting. I still challenge myself to be a better person each day. I believe, we should leave things better than we found them. While walking in Edinburgh, I feel and think I will continue to better my being and hopefully find rest and thankfulness within.

  1. You captured my essence of peace! Good job!

    • Heya Lin,

      Thank you 😀

      I was really feeling it yesterday. As I reread down through the post, there where still memories and thoughts I wanted to post.

      I’m taking some advice and going to build some structure while here in Scotland. I’m excited to setting sail on my up coming mission so to say.


  2. I feel calmer just reading that!

    • Howdy Sandy,

      So glad you enjoyed it. It was a pleasure to put it together. I’m thinking about my next little doggie walk adventure 😀


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