Halloween, Haggis & Hugs

Which looks Scarier ???

Tomorrow Night, we are going to a Halloween Party in Scotland, pretty excited about our costumes as we tried to be creative, relevant & cost effective. Never been to a costume party in another country.  Hope it is not a Bridget Jones Diary or Legally Blonde moment.  :-)

Steve & I had a fun time walking around our wonderful neighborhood gathering the items needed for our costumes, even found a Hospice Resale Shop that had a nice “new-to-me” scarf & hat for about 6 dollars.  Went to Charlie Wilson’s (not the war) a local butcher and saw what Haggis looks like before being cooked and I must say that it does taste better than it looks or sounds.  Yes, we BOTH have tried it and BOTH liked it.

Again, I ask, Which looks Scarier ???

Neither are scary and both are Scotland – Love this place, have I mentioned this before.  :-)

Photos of the Halloween Hooligans to be posted soon.

Big Haggis Hugs till later,


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