A gateway to greatness at the Guinness Storehouse.  Going to Guinness has always felt like a need for me as a beer drinker, I would call it a Beer Drinker’s Mecca for those individual who enjoy a pint from time to time.  Making our way around the brewery to find the entrance was a very anticipated event.

My first of many Guinness.  The first long drink to truly capture the flavors.  The beer mustache smile.  And the my beer glass is empty (one of the saddest parts of the day) – “may I have another please?”  The great thing is your entry ticket gets you free pint.  There is nothing better than sitting down, having a bowl of Irish stew and a pint.

As part of general admission, we were able to get lessons on how to properly pour a Guinness – we did perfect!!  There are six stages to pouring this perfect pint.  I may be able to pour one but I’m not completely sure I can explain all six the steps perfectly.  This much is sure, use a 45 degree angle, go up to the harp on the glass, let it settle for 1:59 minutes and top it off.  All this along with operating the tap forward and backward and being thirsty creates a great taste and experience.  Rachel and I are certified or maybe certifiable to use a tap near you.

The Guinness storehouse has some very cool exhibits and displays.  As you work your way either up or down the brewery, either way you will find yourself at the Gravity Bar.  The Gravity Bar gives you a 360 degree view of the city of Dublin and of course there’s beer to be drank.  Different views have different etching in the window glass which gives an explanation what you are looking as you are enjoying a pint.

The connoisseur part of the tour in the brewery.  The private bar was fully stocked with what I’d like to call Liquid Man Candy.  Once we got settled in, we had the opportunity to smell some of the roasted barley which creates the dark color of the Guinness we drink today.  I poured a few little bits out on to my hand and had a taste – slightly smoking and crispy – very nice actually.



The first beer we had was the Dublin Porter.  This is a new beer for Guinness.  We actually first tried this beer in Scotland at the Christmas Market.  The Dublin Porter is a lighter beer, hence the name porter instead of stout.  I would definitely have a few of these during a spring day and into summer, but for now I’m loving stouts while it is winter time in the northern hemisphere.


Next on the tasting menu in the private bar (I really like saying that – private bar, private bar, private bar) was the Guinness Extra Stout.  This classic and wonderful beer is exactly what the doctor ordered.  In fact, Guinness has been used for many medical remedies over the centuries and still given out at blood banks to help replenish iron stores – I’m thinking I need to donate some hemoglobin. 


The Guinness Foreign Extra was the last bottled beer we had before parting ways at the brewery.  This delightful beer was very bold with a more hoppy flavor.  Because it was the Foreign beer it contained more hops and had a higher alcohol contain to help preserve the nectar over long travels.








Time to pour some beers!!

Our beer guide may have served us the last bottle for drinking at the brewery but we were not done yet.  After experiencing the great tastes, we had another opportunity to indulge what has to be the freshest pint of Guinness you can get in world beside being a professional taster for the brewery.  These pints have fresh kegs placed each day in the private bar and allows the consumer to truly taste the different and enjoy the rich and creamy stout that in known around the world as Guinness.  I felt a bit of heaven being able to draw a pint – let me know and I will draw one for you too.  Cheers 😀

Here is the staging and the order of the beers we enjoyed while toasting to great beer at Guinness.  And as a parting gift, we were able to bring a West Indies Guinness home with us.  I have a few beers that I call my Golden Standards for stouts – I have to admit the Guinness West Indies with a roasted toffee and chocolate taste – is a keeper!!

So if you find yourself in Dublin, Ireland or planning a trip over to Europe and UK – this is a must must stop.  I am so glad I was able to partake in this beer mecca experience, learn able the history of the brewery and mark yet another item off my personal bucket list.  If you are not a beer drinker, there are still some great time to see while doing your tour.  I highly recommend going for a pint and the experience.  If you can’t get over to Ireland, while have one at your local pub and dream about the day you can make the journey to the Beer Mecca – thank you Guinness Storehouse












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