Our 2014 Travel Highlights – Fasten your seat belts !!

2014 Travel Highlights Include:

We hope you enjoy our journey and entice you to your next adventure. Some fun travel statistics are listed at the bottom of this post. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride.


February 4th to March 17th 2014  Dallas/Fort Worth to Faro, Portugal (Housesit)

The Launch – February 4th, 2014

We experienced a steep learning curve with different languages, cultures, scenery, and being together 24/7. Let the fun begin and it did.




March 17th to April 2nd flew into Edinburgh, Scotland and stayed near the city center (Airbnb)

The start of our traveling love affair

Scotland quickly become a country that we fell in love with and visited several times in 2014.






April 2nd to May 17th flew into Gourdon, France (Housesit)

Fine wines and cheeses pleases

France is another one of our go to countries.  I think it’s a food thing or the cheese or maybe the wine, cheese & amazing friends we made. :-)






May 17th left Europe to head over to Asia to Penang, Malaysia (Housesit)

The Big jump from Europe to Asia

The journey continues with an asian twist as we make our way to Malaysia for a housesit.   We experienced yet more cultural changes and quickly adapted the ability to move about asia without understanding the language being spoken and written.  Lots of smiling and hand gestures.  (Rachel)


With Malaysia explored we hit the road/water with a vengeance ! !


We saw things on the next leg of our adventure that would bring total strangers together close enough to call family moving forward.

A few nights in Bangkok

Our lives changed forever.  Sticky Rice Family formed.

Thailand to Cambodia to Vietnam – (Small Group Tour)

The Sticky Rice Family took mini buses, planes, taxis, rickshaws and slept in only the best 0-1 star hotels – some with walls and some without.  Mosquito netting always a bonus.

  Great Wall of China & Singapore

Sadly departed from our Sticky Rice Daughters, we were back on our own. We walked the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and around Tiananmen Square.  We hope Google Earth took snapshots while we were on the Wall so we can look at ourselves from time to time from space.  Singapore always a pleasure with its cleanliness and hustle & bustle.

Asia was a continent we will never forget – now back to Europe


July 10th we made our way back to Europe to Paris (Airbnb)

Eiffel Tower, Birthday Celebration and Europe

We landed in Paris, France to celebrate Rachel’s birthday on the 14th of July. They threw a huge party on her birthday and called it Bastille Day – the French are so nice.    We stayed in an Airbnb and explored the city.



July 20th to August 3rd train to Kent, then train to  London (Housesit)

 Hello again to the UK

We stayed in Kent, England for a couple of days with the “Sticky Rice Family”.  And then off to London to house sit, see BigBen and the Parliament, and drink some ale and Pimm’s.





August 4th to 7th we took a flight from London to Brussels (Airbnb)

To the land of beer and waffles – Belgium

Hello beautiful Brussels Steve loves you for your amazing brews and Rachel for your delicious foods.




August 8th to 12th we revisited St. Chamarand and drove to Sete, France (Home stay with friend)

More cheese and wine

France where we rented our first vehicle since we left the States.  We revisited our friends from our earlier housesit in France then we toured down to the southern coast of France on our way to Italy.



August 12th to 16th flight from Marseille, France to Rome, Italy (Airbnb)


Au Revoir France – Ciao Italy

Italy was the start of our 60 day Eurorail pass, so many places one can visit on a train – choo choo.



Naples ferry to Ischia  (Home stay with friends)



Fun in the Sun

Wait, first we had to visit some friends from Portugal.  Hello, Ischia and the Almafi Coast with your summer sun and hot springs – how delightful.


Trains in August in Italy = crazy (Airbnb)

 Rome, Tuscany, Florence and Venice

The pizza in Naples is oh so nice.  Rome what can we say – it’s Rome.  Florence was a wonderful hub as we explored Pisa, Cortona and the beautiful countryside and cooking class.  Then off to Venice where the streets of water are magical.




One short train for mankind, one giant step for us – 60 days straight train travel = love riding the rails

 Leaving Italy and entering Germany

We spent around a month in Italy. Next up Germany and all her glory.  Let the good times roll.




Multiple countries covered (Airbnb & occasional Ibis Budget)

Night trains, day trains, any trains

We visited castles, cathedrals, and cookeries.  Munich and beer – Steve was in heaven.  Luxembourg is a beautiful country.  Then back Brussels for more beer and waffles.



Berlin (Housesit)

 Berlin and the another wall in history

We had been in many cities in Germany, but Berlin is spread out and added to our challenges since we don’t speak german.  Never fear, good times with beer and brats were had.


September 17th to 24th In Prague

September 17th to 24th train to Prague (Airbnb)

One of the friendliest cities – Prague

Mexican Market day turned into meeting people on the street and being invited back into their home for wine & conversation.  New friendships established everywhere in pubs & restaurants.


Made our way up to Auschwitz

September 24th – October 2nd landed us in Budapest (Airbnb) where we made our way up to Auschwitz and back again in a 24 hours

 Budapest and Poland

Budapest the land of history & ruin pubs.

We took an overnight train from Budapest to Auschwitz and experienced one of the saddest places on earth.




Life is about sharing in the moments that matter.  We left Budapest October 2nd to return to Texas to lay to rest a great man Bob Garrison.   It was an unplanned trip and without question it was the right direction to go as our heart strings pulled us home.  We were able to also celebrate in the lives of a newly married couple Dan & Shonnah. Special cuddles with our 2 furry family members was a comfort.   Our time in Texas was for family, friends & reflection.  Then BACK ON THE ROAD we went with even more of a sense of purpose.  

Over the Pond

 Edinburgh, Isle of Skye, Belfast and Dublin

We have fallen in love with Scotland and have been there 2 times this year.  We took a short tour up to the Isle of Skye and also visited St. Andrews.  Since we were so close, we felt the need to jump over to Northern Ireland and Ireland.


December 10th – January 2nd, Sidmouth, England (Housesit)

Travel Statistics as of January 31, 2014:

Steve & Rachel visited together 3 continents, 24 countries and 100’s of cities within those countries in 2014.   That’s 18% of the world as a whole – very exciting to us.

Grand total of countries visited during our lifetime tally up as : Steve 35 & Rachel 36.


February 4th, 2015 will be our 1 year on the road mark and we have ALOT of traveling to take place before that time.  Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Turkey to name a few.

Please stay tuned for our 1 year anniversary blog – we will share with you some of our highs and some of the lows of traveling non-stop our first year while running a consulting business virtually and travel blogging.

Till Then Happy Trails to You and Yours in the New Year !

Cheers &  Sláinte to 2015 ! !

Steve & Rachel


  1. Thanks for taking me along this journey! I look forward to each and every post! Prayers, Hugs to you both!

    • Howdy Lin,

      Glad you came along with us. We so look forward to sharing more adventures with you and everyone. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

      Big Hugs from Rachel and I

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