Pictorial Post of the Middle East/Africa (Jordan & Egypt)

A picture is worth a 1000 words = true statement with our last adventure.  Hope you enjoy our pictorial post of Petra, The Dead Sea, Wadi Rum Desert Camp, Scuba & Snorkeling the Red Sea & Blue Hole, Chef for a night in Dahab, Pyramids, Sphinx, countless historical sites and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

We loved every part of our Intrepid Tour – Big thanks to our Fun Loving & Caring Guides Mohammed Assaf and Ahmed Badr who always made sure we were safe, happy & special.   Special thanks to the Canadian office of Intrepid and Britt Buchalle for her assistance in completing our booking.  Well Done ! ! ! 

To Our Travel Mates – we feel a forever bond with you ALL, especially after playing Celebrity Head & LandMark charades in the desert camp. Loved dancing under the stars with you.

Thank you for making the experience of a lifetime so GRAND.

Our Amazing Group on this INCREDIBLE journey = LOVE.

Our Amazing Group on this INCREDIBLE journey = LOVE.

The Hummus Brothers from Germany Steffen (David Beckham) & Matthias (Elvis)

The Aussie Mates James (Marilyn Monroe) & Adam (King Kong)

The Beautiful Canadian Lady Janice (Ellen DeGeneres)

Lei our Chinese Canadian sweetheart (Paris Hilton)

The kind hearted Swiss athlete Maya (Barack Obama)

And Swedish Staffan who may not say a lot, but knows how to deliver a punchline of a joke (Tom Cruise)

Till our paths cross again, safe travels & happy trails.

Steve & Rachel Marker aka The TravelingMileMarkers (SpongeBob & Spiderman)


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