Learning Spanish & Dining Concepts in Buenos Aires, Argentina

3Hola ! !  Expanish is the place to learn Spanish without a doubt. We are currently in Week 2 of this amazing Spanish Immersion School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The professors are patient, kind and so much fun to be around.  It has been a Great Experience and we are learning so much about the Latin American culture, food & people as well.  We have committed to learning Spanish prior to our return to the USA and learning in various countries so we can really understand the culture and native tongues.

And of course, we had to experience Argentina food & wine so last weekend we headed over to The Argentina Experience for this fun experience in dining.

We spent a GREAT night making empanadas, drinking wine, eating hunks of meat, cheese, drinking mate tea, cookies and making new friends. Steve formed his empanada into a bikini top complete with arm hair – he claims it was “glasses” – I saw things the other way. :-)

This weekend we head off to explore Uruguay via Ferry – looking forward to seeing this country and experiencing what it has to offer.

Hasta Luego ! !

Steve & Rachel

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