Canoa, Ecuador – Things to know before you go-Ah (Pun intended)

Hola Amigos

After traveling, Antarctica, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, we arrived mid-march in Canoa, Ecuador to start a 8 week house sit assignment on the beach.  Here is what we have discovered.

This little fishing town, is what I suspect PlayaDelCarmen was about 20 years ago before it became commercialized.

Wanted to share some of the cool things to know about Canoa if you ever decide to Go-Ah. (rhyme intended so you know how to pronounce Canoa).


Did you know:

That there are no real paved roads in the city centre – that they are still dirt and uneven.  But they do have an amazing highway leading to the city.

Did you know:

That it is possible to run a really cool literally on the Beach Bar without running water, serving fresh pineapple, strawberry, banana, mint cocktails and so many more.  How do we know this?  We have had the pleasure of working behind the bar living the “Cocktail Movie” out in real life.  Suki Bar – rocks ! ! Thanks Becky & Carlos for taking a chance on some adventure seeking bar enthusiasts.

Did you know:

That if you mention to local Surf Shack & restaurant owner Maija that you love to cook be prepared for her to say “Hey why don’t you cook for us one night” and have her mean it.  Several weeks later we had our night as Guest Chefs serving up our Chicken N Dumplings.  We plated 15 specials, which in a village of 3000 people we thought was not too bad. Oh and we bake cookies for the surfers to enjoy as well.

Did you know:

That if you work at the local beach bar till midnight and you go to the taxi stand only to find that ALL the taxi’s have gone home that the local police car will STOP and GIVE you a ride home.  How cool is that ! !   They even turned on the flashing lights for us.

Did you know:

That you can have a custom swimsuit made for you for about $12 dollars and 2 days.

Did you know:

That if you take all the clothes you own into the local laundry lady by noon she will deliver it your home that evening for $4.50 dollars.  Washed and tumbled dry.

Did you know:

You can buy fresh 14 tomatoes, 6 bananas, 12 limes, 2 BIG garlic, 6 onions, 5 big avocados, 1 baskets of strawberries, 2 pounds of potatoes for $8 dollars.

Did you know pricing highlights:

  • That a 5 gallon water bottle delivered are $1 dollar
  • That a large propane tank delivered is $5 dollars or $3.50 if you pick it up yourself
  • That you can have your house water pumped in, by truck, for $20 dollars
  • That you can buy a bottle of dark rum for $5 dollars
  • That you can get a haircut for $3 dollars
  • That a 1.5 pound of bacon is $15 dollars – wanted to see if you were paying attention, $15 is the right amount
  • That a guy who catches fresh fish will come directly to your house every day and sell it directly to you
  • That when you buy your eggs they are not refrigerated and still have chicken poo on them – the ultimate organic egg. 2 dozen for .50 cents
  • That most of your produce in general still has most of its dirt on it because it keeps them fresher until your ready to use them

Did you know:

That everyone who delivers something to your home has their own unique whistle or knock so you know who it is.

Did you know:

That the sun sets in less than 10 minutes here.


If you’re looking for a true beach life experience this is your place. Also, be sure to bring lots of bug spray and sun protection.

Still planning on Paragliding while here.  We attempted surfing and I lost my top and Steve lost his bottoms at one point.  Great Fun ! !

After Canoa it is off to Cuba.  :-)

Big Hugs to All.



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