Joy Jumping Man Vision

My vision statement for myself is to:

I see myself standing up for myself with self respect and dignity.  I feel I need to honor my heart and soul to be able to give to others to my fullest.  What is my fullest – I am just starting to create that fullest person.

I want a strong and connected marriage with Rachel.  I see a level of openness which brings us together in a way I have never been with another person in my life.  I see our bonds being stronger and when we stand together there is nothing that we can not accomplish.

I want to give my all while working as a pharmacist and working towards having satisfaction from my career.

I see myself believing in a higher power, putting more trust in God and committing to believing that the journey I am walking is within line with God’s ultimate plan.

I see continuing  to create a financial plan which helps Rachel and I live out your dreams to their fullest potential.

I see contining to be physically active to enjoy scuba, bicycle riding and engaging in day to day activities with all my mind, heart and body.

I am creating a loving, fulfilled and self respecting life.


I am a Joy Jumping Man living a loving, fulfilled and self respecting life!!

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  1. Hi Rachel and Steve Im Marcelo from Broccolino Restaurante Buenos Aires Argentina woundefull couple Ill never forget you and your dreams.
    I miss you and send tu you from the farewell Argentina the biggest hug and 1000 kiss
    Marcelo Steffens waiter Broccolino Restaurante and best pizza

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