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Why We Traded A Comfy Life In the Suburbs To Travel The World

Do you ever ask yourself ‘what if?’
Steve & Rachel Marker sold everything they owned in order to travel the world  in search of a new lifestyle and to launch business virtually.

Steve & Rachel Marker sold everything they owned in order to travel the world and grow their consulting firm.

Have you ever dreamed about breaking away from your old, comfortable routine and doing something a little ‘out there’?

If so, we can certainly relate. Don’t get us wrong, our cozy suburban lifestyle in Texas was great. Amazing friends, supportive family and successful careers made our lives rich and fulfilling.

Ah, but those ‘what ifs’ just kept nagging at us. What if we could grow our consulting firm in amazing locations while traveling the world? What if we could experience diverse cultures by housesitting ? What if we could spend each and every day exploring the world?

These questions smoldered away in the back of our minds like tiny coals until we finally made a decision that would change our lives forever…

We did “IT”, we sold everything we owned and transitioned our careers to better reflect the lifestyle we wanted to create – all while traveling the world.

It wouldn’t be possible without each other

If you’re thinking about making a monumental change in your life, having the right person at your side can make the transition so much easier.

We’ve been married since September of 2012 and one of the many things that have bonded us has been our desire to explore more of the world. We both had ample travel experience before we met, so our urge to explore was very much mutual.

Was making this massive change easy? Of course not. It’s heartbreaking to leave the ones you love behind: our family, friends and two adorable cats named Stanley and Truman. Plus, selling all your possessions on eBay, a garage sale and multiple donations to friends and charities certainly stirs up the emotions.

But what gets you through it is thinking about the amazing adventures that await and the life we are about to create.

Consulting, Housesitting and more…

We’ve both worked hard to establish our careers (see below for details), but now, we’ve taken our business global and virtual. New technology, such as Skype, Go To Meeting, etc. allows us to work anywhere at anytime.

But most of all, we’re traveling entrepreneurs . We want to inspire other people to break out of their routines and explore the world. So connect with us by following our journeys on Facebook, Trover, and Google+ and tell us about your own travel experiences.

Here’s a little bit more about us as individuals:

Rachel Marker


Your life can change in a flicker. I learned this in 1992 when I became a quadriplegic. But I fought back, determined to walk no matter what it took.
And after a year of hard work, I re-gained my mobility. In fact, my recovery was so complete that if you met me today you’d never know that I was once a quadriplegic. I’m fortunate not to be experiencing any residual effects from this illness whatsoever.

But even though my physical body is completely healed, the experience changed my life forever. I realized the importance of cherishing every moment and that it only takes a second for your entire world to be turned upside down.

As a professional, I have 20 years of experience working in the architecture, engineering and construction industries. I’m also a personal and business coach who often speaks to other professionals about business development, strategic planning, marketing and presentation development.

A few more facts about me:
• Creator, owner and founder of the “Networking for No Reason” events, which are now available worldwide. (contact me for more information).
• Honored as the YMCA Volunteer of the Year for the Ryan Family YMCA in April 2013.
• Recognized as a “Great Woman of Texas” in 2009 by the Fort Worth Business Press for my volunteer work professionally and personally.
• Former volunteer group facilitator at The WARM place, a children’s grieving center.
• An Advanced Rescue Scuba Diver and Dive Master-in-training, CPR and First Aid certified.
• Hold a Graduate Marketing Certificate From the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas; a bachelor of business administration degree and an associate degree in marketing from the American College of Business. Also, an apprenticeship in commercial & residential design.

Steven Marker


steve mug
Although I had built a successful career around pharmacy, I wasn’t completely satisfied with what I was doing. There was something missing.

So I left my job to travel the world. Dec.30, 2013 marked my final day as a working pharmacist. I’m still registered, so I can practice if I choose to in the future. Now, I hope to one day use both my biotechnology & doctorate in pharmacy degrees for medical research purposes.

Before stepping into this career path, I served in the U.S. Army Reserves for 8 years before being honorably discharged in 2000.

Today, diving is one of the activities that I love the most. After years of training, I became a NAUI DiveMaster (DM) in 2007. Now, I hope to take my love for diving to a new level by becoming a PADI Instructor through a Five Star Dive Center.

A few more facts about me:
• Graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) in 2002 with a Doctorate in Pharmacy (PharmD); before that I earned a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
• Became Pharmacist-In-Charge (PIC) at a retail community chain pharmacy in Texas
• Have dived in Micronesia, Fiji, Bonaire, Roatan, Cancun and Cozumel.

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