References And Testimonals

Trusted House Sitter References

Gitte Lutzhoeft Larsen 2014 – Homeowner

Just got home to a shinning clean home and 2 very happy boys. What a wonderful couple who looked after my animals for 9 days. Unfortunately the site only allows 5 as a top mark…10 would have been more appropriate in my case. I can highly recommend Rachel and Steve to anyone who wants to be sure their beloved pets and home is well looked after so hurry if you want to book this couple….I might be booking them again before you.

Paul Dawson 2014 – Homeowner

Totally recommended! Both Steve and Rachel are completely trust-worthy and reliable people. We had the pleasure of getting to know them over dinner before we went on our trip and found them extremely easy to get along with. They sent us texts and photo messages during our trip with “pet updates” which was a nice extra touch. Our dog and two cats were very well cared for, and they left the house in great shape.

Richard Ward-Williams 2104 – Homeowner

Steve and Rachel did a fantastic house sit for us. They went above and beyond what was asked of them. The house and gardens had been extremely well maintained in our absence, both pets were extremely well cared for, and apart from the dog missing us at times, he did not seem to want his dog walking companion and brusher to go. We have no hesitation in asking Steve and Rachel back to house sit for us again.

Barbara Jones 2014 – Homeowner

Steve and Rachel did a house/dog sit for us in appalling weather–the ad said “sunny Portugal” it was not! But they took the dogs for their walk every day–well done! They are a very easy to get on with couple and you can rest assured they will look after things properly. I would definitely ask them to house/dog sit again , and am sure they will be in great demand

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Past References

Judy Cannon
Steven and Rachel are long-time friends and associates. They are extremely competent, caring and trustworthy. I would completely trust them with my pets and my home.

Christine C
I have known both Rachel Marker for over 3 years and Steven over 1. We have known them both professionally and personally. They are compassionate and kind individuals that care about and for others. They have spent a great deal of time renovating and updating their current home so that it is comfortable, efficient and inviting. I would highly recommend them for house sitting, knowing that they would treat leave anyone’s home as they had found it, if not better!

Robert Espino
Steven and Rachel are always organized and have everything planned out accordingly. They are very punctual when it comes to organized activities and events. I worked with Steven several years. Steven was a professional when it came to his job and was helpful to others as well.

Andrea Harrington
Steven and Rachel are both well-respected professionals individually. Together, they form a team that is trust-worthy, reliable and beyond gracious. They will leave your space better than they found it and will go out of their way to accommodate any requests you may leave with them. I would not hesitate to leave my home or my pets under Steven and Rachel’s watch.

Bob & Jackie Garrison
Steve is trustworthy and reliable. He is kind and gentle with our dog and 2 cats.

Bob & Michelle Murray
Steve and Rachel not only take great care of their house, they’ve done amazing things to make it a better, more useful space. They have done quality fix ups both inside and outside that make their home quite lovely.
Steve and Rachel are super pet friendly. Their own cats are certainly members of the family and our dog has adopted them as parents, too. They truly care about animals well being and make them feel loved.

Victoria Huyge
I first met Rachel when she was President of an Industry Association I belonged to. We worked for the same company for about 1 1/2 years. I have known Steven since he and Rachel started dating.

Both of these individuals are mature, resourceful, professional, but are also fun loving. They both have the highest integrity, and I trust them both explicitly.

Misti Field
I am honored to provide a reference for Steve & Rachel Marker. I have known them for over 15 years both on a professional and personal level. They are wonderful down to earth people with the utmost respect for everyone they come in contact with. They have no children together however their pets are their family. I would highly recommend this couple to represent your company.

Lt. Col. Gregg Yetter, USMC
I’ve known Rachel for over 15 years and she is of impeccable character. I know her husband thru Rachel and although have not known him that long, I can confidently say that he is of the same character as his wife.

Brenda Sampson
Steven married one of my former, co-workers. I do not personally know, Steven; however, I worked closely with his wife. I trust Rachel chose her husband wisely. My scores are based on his wife, who I would trust completely. She had, infact, stayed in my home overnight watching my cat. (And, my cat was wonderfully spoiled by Rachel!)

Roger Krueger
Very trustworthy, honest and dependable. Kind hearted and always gives 100%.

Danielle Little
I was Rachel’s landlord for 12 months and she was a fantastic tenant! I would trust her to watch my house (and cat!) in a heartbeat.

Carlo Capua
The Markers are two of the most professional, well-organized, friendly people I know. I would trust them in a heartbeat to take good care of my home, business, or first born!

Brittany Barber
Very responsible and punctual. Two great people that you can rely on to take care of your homeand belongings the way they would take care of their own. Overall very trustworthy and kind hearted people.

Richard Lopez
As a childhood friend I have known Rachel as a person that has been driven to always succeed when she puts her mind to it. She is very detail oriented, highly considerate, dependable, reliable and personifies a confidence that is unmatched. Recently she married Steve and have become a couple that is only written about. One very neat quality that they share is their love for animals. Rachel has really impressed me with her forever friend of Kramer….the cat! When you really get to know her she will let you in on her forever love of Kramer! I fully endorse both Steve and Rachel!

Jennifer Yoder
Steve and Rachel are probably the most responsible couple I know. They currently reside in a beautiful and well organized home with their pets. Rachel has on several occassions housesit for me as well as taken care of my pets and I came home to a cleaner house than I left. They would be great house sitters. I would highly recommend them.

Joan Meeks
I have had the pleasure of knowing both Steve & his beautiful wife, Rachel, for a number of years. Working professionals they balance both their business and personal lives very well. Many times over I’ve been to their home which is always clean and organized. Even with two cats one would never know because of their cleanliness. Both are respected for their accountability and credibility in the communities of Dallas and Fort Worth. I highly recommend them both and trust them with my home wholeheartedly.

Rob & Julie Greene
Rachel and Steve are some of the warmest, sweetest and most giving people we know. We met them while taking a scuba diving course. They have continued to be trustworthy, helpful and reliable friends for us always. It is a pleasure to know them.

Deanna Stuart
I would trust Steve and Rachel to house sit for me! They are great people!

Misty Brunette
I would completely trust Rachel & Steve to take care of my home, as well as my two dogs and three cats. I know Rachel both personally and professionally; she is honest, sincere and respectful. She and Steve are truly kind people who would take the utmost care with another person’s property, treating it as their own.

It’s easy to have friends, but much harder to find friends you trust enough with your home and your fur-babies. Rachel and Steve are people you can trust with both.

Beverley Hampton
He is the most professional understanding and honest Pharmacist I’ve every worked with. He is patient and his kindness goes a long way. I’ve been in pharmacy for over 21 yrs. and wish I could work with Steve for 20 more. He also has great organization skills and is a leader in every since of the word.